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Teacher User Guide

Class Reports

To access class reports, select the class and then open the Reports tab. Select from one of the reports listed. Select either ‘Email PDF’ or ‘Download PDF’ to email or save the report.

Select class report

Some of the reports available on this screen are simply the student reports available from the Students tab. However, the difference is that on this screen there is the time-saving ability to print these reports for multiple students at a time.

The following student reports can be printed out for each student in the class:

  • Basic
  • Comprehensive
  • Speed Skills
  • Weekly revision sets

A further class report can be found on this screen. In this report, students in the class have their results for the year aggregated and summarised, which are then listed in a single row. This report is effective at comparing performance across all students in a class, allowing the teacher to rank the students.

Class report

The Rollover Guide For A New School Year

If you used MathsOnline in 2023 you DO NOT need to register your school again for 2024. Follow one of the methods below to rollover your classes for 2024.

New schools please register here and instructions will be emailed to you.

Supporting Downloads

Student List Template (.xls)

Method 1 Recommended

Send to MathsOnline a new and complete list of students and teachers. This will overwrite all existing students and teachers.

  • Greatly simplifies rollover process. Download, populate and return the spreadsheet to MathsOnline and we will process your student and teacher rolls for you in one business day.
  • Removes existing student results so students start the new year with a clean slate.
  • After MathsOnline processes your school roll, new logins and passwords will need to be distributed to students and teachers.

Method 2

Using the tools within the Teachers’ Area, manually roll over teachers, classes and students.

  • Students and teachers keep their logins, passwords, and results.
  • A more tedious rollover method, as each class needs to be rolled over manually, students that have left must be identified and deleted, and students and teachers entering the school need to be added.

View Method 2 Instructions