"Clear, Concise Video Tutorials"

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We love the video tutorials, they are very clearly explained, very concise. You’re able to rewind or go back or pause if you need to replay them. It’s great that you can access any year level, you can diagnose if your child needs some extra help, the lessons are in full colour, with diagrams that show very clearly exactly what to do.

My kids find it very clearly explained.

Lorene Stevenson
Bluff QLD

Michael Weinberg and Elizabeth Weinberg (Year 7)

Mitcham, VIC

"Improved Confidence and Grades"

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We found MathsOnline when our child first entered year 7 in about 2009. We found that he was having some teacher issues, and not understanding his teacher in Mathematics and that caused him to be not so confident in his work he was producing.

With the assistance of MathsOnline, he was able to gain confidence, he was able to improve his grades, and he was able to do this by listening to the video tutorials online and understanding them as they were being taught by someone else.

This went on to year 12 where he did 3 unit Maths all with the aid of MathsOnline.

John Sargeant
Bonny Hills, NSW

Wendy Ritchie

Howra, TAS

"Available on All Devices"

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Since we live outside the Australia I like the online convenience and being able to access lessons from all devices; Desktops, iPads, Laptops and I appreciate the way the lessons are explained and we are able to access lessons from different grade levels.

MathsOnline has been wonderful for our family and it helps to boost confidence and to create a love of Maths

Thank you Mr. Pat

Michelle Eime
Jerusalem Israel

Kate Weakly

Bomaderry NSW

"Revise Exactly What They Have Been Learning in Class"

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I’m really pleased I purchased MathsOnline, I have two children one in primary school and the other in high school, with MathsOnline they can come home and revise exactly what they have been learning in class.

Over a six month period my son has gone from maths class Four to maths class Two and my daughter now has much better understanding of the maths tasks she is completing. With those results it is very easy for me to recommend MathsOnline.

Nikki Bilic
Ryde NSW

Quang Phan (Student)

Sadleir NSW

James Ross Anderson (Teacher)

Innisfail QLD

Rohan Davis (Year 4)

Sheldon QLD