"Clear, Concise Video Tutorials"

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We love the video tutorials, they are very clearly explained, very concise. You're able to rewind or go back or pause if you need to replay them. It's great that you can access any year level, you can diagnose if your child needs some extra help, the lessons are in full colour, with diagrams that show very clearly exactly what to do.

My kids find it very clearly explained.

Lorene Stevenson
Bluff QLD

Michael Weinberg and Elizabeth Weinberg (Year 7)

Mitcham, VIC

"Short, Systematic Lessons"

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My wife and I have 7 children and they've been using MathsOnline ever since they started, our eldest child is 16.

I really like the way that it goes through very short lessons, really systematic.

The children enjoy it, even those who aren't so good at maths, or are not so confident.

I really love the program and the children do too. We don't really have any trouble getting them to do it.

It's great.

Anthony English
Ryde NSW

Wendy Ritchie

Howra, TAS

"Simple to Use"

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Hi my name is Nate, I love MathsOnline because it is simple to use and the video tells you what you going to be doing and the next exercise.

With MathsOnline I am two years ahead and mum can go and check, to see what percentage I am working at, I am currently working at 90%.

Nate Gaze (Year 5)
Baldivis WA

Kate Weakly

Bomaderry NSW

"The Detailed Reporting Keeps Track of the Student's Progress"

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We have had MathsOnline for a few years now and I found it amazing for consolidating the maths my children are learning class. I am also a qualified primary school teacher and I recommend MathsOnline to friends and students who are experiencing difficulties.

MathsOnline is easy to use, the lessons are shorts and to the point, easily understood and the students can stop and rewind at any point.

It is convenient in that it can be used anytime, anywhere, on any device. There is detailed reporting so parents can keep track of their child's progress at all times.

MathsOnline is particularly useful for revision before exams, improving the student's confidence. Most of all MathsOnline is value for money and it's much more affordable than a private tutor.

Sherri Mcnichol
Bucasia QLD

Quang Phan (Student)

Sadleir NSW

James Ross Anderson (Teacher)

Innisfail QLD

Rohan Davis (Year 4)

Sheldon QLD