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What is MathsOnline?

A maths teaching program which complements and reinforces your classroom teaching. It's used successfully by tens of thousands of Australian teachers just like you.

If you don't know much about MathsOnline, then here's what you can expect...

  • Video tutorials and summaries which are clear, complete and easy to follow. Ensures your students understand something before they're asked to practise it.

  • Worksheets and interactive questions based explicitly on the video tutorials the students have just watched and learnt.

  • Weekly revision sets are exceptional consolidating all-year student learning. Also assist to identify any specific learning gaps or challenges.

  • Simple to set work either in class or at home. Caters exceptionally well for differentiation. Superb for catching up, keeping up and extending students.

  • Extensive reports invaluable for monitoring students' progress. Especially helpful during parent-teacher interviews.

  • Reduced planning and assessment workloads.

The videos can do a lot of the heavy lifting for you. We never dumb down what's being taught - we just make it so much simpler to understand. The in-depth explanations are presented in a clear and concise way, making them easier to follow and learn.

Teachers find the videos especially beneficial...

  • for students who might be struggling and need a little extra time to understand class content

  • for students who have missed some work because they've been away 

  • for students who are already confident but would still benefit from rewinding the lesson to have explicit instructions repeated

  • for your more able students who can complete their work quicker, allowing them to spend more time on problem solving and extension work

  • when students need to review earlier work in the lead up to tests and exams, giving them more time for practise and effective study

Reduces Your Workload Saving You Time

We are maths teachers ourselves and have been teaching effectively in the classroom for decades. The program today is more than 22 years in the making and used successfully by tens and hundreds of thousands of students over that time.

And one of our main goals has always been to make your teaching life easier and more productive, giving you back time to focus on stuff you know makes a real difference.

A great example is setting and marking homework - so often it's frustrating, time-consuming and difficult to do consistently well.

However, using MathsOnline it can take less than 5 minutes to set up homework for all your classes for the whole day.

And once you've done that, this magical thing happens all by itself...

  • Students start the homework task directly after logging in.
  • They can watch the tutorial, then do the questions or go straight to the questions if they're confident enough.
  • Their work is automatically marked for you (yessss!!!) and the students get instant feedback.
  • And when the homework is finished, an easy-to-understand report arrives in your inbox which shows how your class went, who might need some extra help (or in the very unlikely event, who needs some chasing up 😊)

It's that easy!

Individualised and Differentiated Learning - without the killer stress

Pressure. Stress.

If you feel the pressure and stress of the heavy burden of expectation thrust upon you to deliver a differentiated learning program for each and every one of your students, then you're not alone.

Trying to ensure students are individually given the right level of work allowing them to be challenged (and grow) whilst also giving them the tools to succeed can sometimes feel like running into a brick wall.

We understand.

We've made it easy for you to set work for the whole class, or for smaller groups within the class. You can even go as far as modifying an existing course, so it suits an individual student perfectly.

If you have students who are getting behind or who are way ahead, you can tailor individual tasks or units of work for them quickly and easily.

Reports and Tracking Student Progress

Data is collected on every single question a student does. This is used to generate a wide range of valuable reports you can use in a variety of ways.

  • The Detailed Student Report makes it easy to identify students' strengths, weaknesses, and where there might be some gaps in knowledge.

  • The Summary Report usually fits on a single page. It's very handy as a quick check on overall student progress.

  • Student Progress Reports are perfect for using in parent-teacher meetings.

Why Teachers Love MathsOnline

“What separates MOL from other online programs is its teaching. The explanations of mathematical skills and concepts are in-depth, easy to understand and invaluable for students, parents and teachers for K-12.”

“I can set homework directly related to that day's lesson and checking participation and progress is so easy.”

"Awesome for homework tasks as there are no excuses and kids love it instead of taking their textbook."

"MOL is so good it now forms the foundation of our whole maths program."

"I set MathsOnline as weekly homework and my students can do it when it suits them."

"Great for revision of topics and the videos are similar to my style of teaching."

"I can differentiate my students' homework."

"Complements my teaching efforts and boosts student confidence.”

"Reinforces ideas that have been taught in class. Students experience success in maths areas, sometimes for the first time in a long time."

"Students can see the concepts presented in a more focussed way than a normal classroom. Can rewind the lesson and watch it again if they don't fully understand it the first time."

"Huge help with differentiation, catching up and extending students.”

"It complements well the stronger teachers on staff, and also works brilliantly for the less confident non-maths trained teachers we've got.”

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