Maths Online 2017 Rollover Guide

If you used Maths Online in 2016 you DO NOT need to register your school again for 2017. Follow one of the methods below to rollover your classes for 2017.

New schools please register here and instructions will be emailed to you.

Supporting Downloads

Student list template (.xls)

Method 1 Recommended

Send to Maths Online a new and complete list of students and teachers. This will overwrite all existing students and teachers.

  • Greatly simplifies rollover process. Download, populate and return the spreadsheet to Maths Online and we will process your student and teacher rolls for you in one business day.
  • Removes existing student results so students start the new year with a clean slate.
  • After Maths Online processes your school roll, new logins and passwords will need to be distributed to students and teachers.

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Method 2

Using the tools within the Teachers’ Area, manually roll over teachers, classes and students.

  • Students and teachers keep their logins, passwords, and results.
  • A more tedious rollover method, as each class needs to be rolled over manually, students that have left must be identified and deleted, and students and teachers entering the school need to be added.

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Method 1 Instructions
Create all new student and teacher accounts

Step 1: Download the spreadsheet template (see the 'Supporting Downloads' section at top of page)

Step 2: Populate the spreadsheet with the full list of teachers and students who will be using Maths Online this year.

Step 3: Email the completed spreadsheet to Maths Online staff will process this spreadsheet, overwriting all existing accounts in the process, and return new logins and passwords for all students and teachers.

Step 4: Distribute the new logins and passwords to your students and fellow teachers.


Method 2 Instructions
Manually roll over existing students, teachers and classes

Whoever makes these changes will need to be a ‘full administrator’. Only full administrators can administer all students, teachers and classes (N.B. more than one teacher can be a full administrator). For a school with around 1,000 students, this process may take approximately 1-2 hours.

Step 1: Log in to the Teachers’ Centre

Step 2: If you have new teachers at the school, you will need to create accounts for them first. Go to the All Teachers menu and click the ‘Add Teacher’ button.

Step 3: For new year groups at your school, it may be easier for you to download and populate a new student list spreadsheet (link at top of page), and return it to us to process. If the number of new students is small, you can add the students yourself.

Step 4: Navigate to the All Classes menu, and change all of your existing class names to include 2016 in its title by pressing the ‘Append 2016 to Class Names’ button. We do this because chances are you will have a 7M1 or similar in every year and you don’t want to mix up these class rolls later. It also makes subsequent steps in this process a whole lot quicker and easier.

Step 5: Create new class names and assign teachers to them.

Step 6: If you have classes that stay (or mostly stay) together from one year to the next, all you need to do is change the class name. For example, change 7M1-2016 to 8M1. Do this in the All Classes menu by selecting the class and pressing the ‘Edit’ button.

Step 7: Delete any student who has left the school from that class, and then add any student that is new to the school.

Step 8:  Navigate to the All Students menu. Each student still in a class with -2016 in its title will need to have their class changed. Select the student, press ‘Edit’ and choose the new class from the list.  This is by far the most tedious step, but if you did step 5 above accurately, it is simple as they are much more visible.