A big problem with classroom maths teaching is that you can't stop and rewind the teacher when you lose your way.

OK, you can put your hand up and ask a question. But how many kids are too shy to do this? Or embarrassed about interrupting the whole class?

What if you could get the teacher to go over things again? And in a friendly and easy to understand way?

Well, finally... you can.

An Excellent Maths Teacher

World-renowned Australian maths teacher Pat Murray has helped tens of thousands of students excel at maths. He can help your child too.

Pat presents each lesson in his unique friendly, step-by-step manner. The lessons are concise and logical, making them really easy to understand and retain. This gives students that important self-confidence in their own ability.

Control your Own Pace of Learning

One of the most powerful features of MathsOnline is the ability to stop and rewind the teacher to repeat anything your child doesn't fully understand. As many times as they like - until they feel comfortable. There's no embarrassment factor and Pat will never get frustrated.

Consistent Learning, Right Through School

A really important factor with maths learning is consistency. When students change teachers, they need to be able to get used to that new teacher's individual style of presenting lessons and theories.

With MathsOnline, your child gets the added benefit of having the same excellent consistent teaching. From Kindergarten right through to Year 12, Pat Murray both writes and voices every lesson.

Using this consistent method of learning throughout school makes transition between school years and even different schools a much more manageable experience!

  • Carefully refined over the course of 14 years, MathsOnline now covers Primary as well as High School Maths
  • You've got an expert Maths teacher available day or night to help with homework, revision or to recap missed or misunderstood lessons
  • Each lesson teaches as much as an entire school maths lesson in an average of just 5 minutes!
  • Consistency and a really good teacher make learning maths much more effective, right through school
  • Available online, wherever there's an internet connection, even on most Android mobile phones and tablets
  • Highly acclaimed by students, parents and other teachers
  • A whole month for less than the cost of half an hour with a private maths tutor... and available whenever you're ready
  • The only Australian maths website where you're taught by a real maths teacher
  • Highly acclaimed by students, parents and teachers

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