Important Changes to MathsOnline in 2012

Important Changes to MathsOnline in 2012

A message to Students and Parents

From MathsOnline teacher Pat Murray
January 2012

Dear Students and Parents

2012 will see significant changes in the way we operate MathsOnline. But first, a bit of history...

McDonald's Sponsorship

Prior to the commencement of McDonald's Sponsorship in 2009, membership to MathsOnline cost $297 per year.

Then, during 2009, 2010 and 2011, McDonald's Australia generously sponsored our high school maths lessons, such that the $297 maths program was made available to all Australian high school students absolutely free.

Now, the McDonald's support of MathsOnline over the last three years is, to my knowledge, the only time a company has taken an already successful educational program and, at great cost to the company, made it available free to a whole nation.

This was truly an outstanding gift and contribution to Australian families.

The McDonald's three-year sponsorship has now concluded, and as such we have needed to make some changes.

Changes in 2012

We've always done everything we can to make our program affordable to everybody who really wants to use it - and we do mean everybody.

And when you consider that many, many parents in Australia are paying hundreds of dollars, thousands of dollars every year to have their kids tutored in maths, our program is a real life-saver.

The good news is that we have been able to greatly reduce the old $297 price.

A single 12-month membership is only $197. A family 12-month membership is $297.

Plus as an added bonus, we've included our highly acclaimed primary school course, making MathsOnline Australia's most comprehensive and effective K-12 online maths program.

So to be able to price it as low as $197 really is fantastic news for all Australian families.

With your new MathsOnline membership, you have access to the whole range of K-12 lessons - not just the one year that your child may be in at school.

So if your child needs to look at some earlier material they can. If they want to go a bit further ahead, they can do that too.

You see, what your child gets from our program is the self-confidence that they can do maths. And this often leads to an enjoyment of maths where before it was worry and stress.

I don't know about you, but I do know a lot of parents believe this result for their kids is worth a whole lot more than a cup of coffee a week.

The changes in pricing will come into effect for new members immediately and for existing members from the start of February.

Please get in touch if you have any questions. We look forward to helping your children in their maths - making their life (and yours) just that little bit easier.

Warm regards,

Pat Murray
MathsOnline teacher and co-founder