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Australia's leading online maths tutor providing real help on demand

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Covering kindergarten right through to year 12, MathsOnline is ideal for students who are struggling, as well as those who really want to get ahead.

Video tutorials

MathsOnline has over 1,400 video tutorials covering key maths concepts developed by expert teacher, Pat Murray.

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Interactive questions and worksheets

The interactive questions and worksheets are designed to test your students understanding of the video tutorials.

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Printable one-page summaries

Students can revise tutorial content easily with printable one-page summaries which have complete and concise notes of each tutorial.

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Worked solutions

The worked solutions on MathsOnline show students each and every step to reaching a correct answer.

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Automatic marking and progress reports

Automatic marking and progress reports show you the areas where your students require extra support.

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