The Online Maths Teacher for Australian Students

You can't stop and rewind the teacher in the classroom, and most kids are too shy or embarrassed to put their hand up and ask a question.

What if you could get the teacher to go over things again, in a friendly and easy-to-understand way?

With Maths Online, you can!

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Australian K-12 Curriculum

  • 1,664 animated and narrated maths lessons
  • A bank of over 50,000 interactive questions
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Instant feedback to students and regular reporting to parents

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"Absolutely love it - can't say it enough. My three children use it all the time. These lessons are a great safety net because they cover everything that is taught at school."

Kim Pappenbacher
Mt. Isa, QLD

"My daughter passed her tests for the Australian School in Singapore with flying colours (99% pass mark)! She loved learning from your website and practically devoured every lesson - the presentation style made it possible to go through the material in a very short time and the practices were great."

Nadia Banna

"I have been using this program from the start of year 8, and I have been getting outstanding results. In my previous test, I have gone from 45% without using the program to 91% using the program, just in 3 months. This program has been giving me confidence and understanding."

Wally Kassem
Kingsgrove, NSW

"Just want to say how fabulous MATHS ONLINE is! My son was having great trouble with some topics and I told him to get onto Maths Online. He found the topic and now he says it is easy!!!! So thank you and keep up the fabulous work."

Louise Flaherty
Killara, NSW

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